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Our business has started operation since 1974. We firstly produce all cutting tools for the natural wood. Most of our customers are all in the wooden toys, houseware and furniture industries. In the mean time, Technology keeps growing every years, while the natural wood has been reserved in many parts of the world. The artificial wood have occured to supply the need of industries. In order to create the finest tools, we have to update about the new materials (includng the plastic, acrylic, aluminum, cement board, and etc.,) and use new technology to improve our cutting tools to serve the change. To reduce cost of expenses for customers, are also our concerned. Currently, we are one of the best manufacturing company who has produced and imported the high quality cutting tools for all industries from many countries such as Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and China. At last, we have proudly presented our own brand named "KOMISAI" which are base on our quality rules at all stages. We are confident to confirm that "Trust in Quality, Trust in KOMISAI". 

Customers' materials such as natural wood, artificial wood (MDF, HDF, EPOXY, PVC, Laminated wood, Chipboard, Melamine and etc.) Cement Board, Plastic, Acrylic, Aluminum and steel


We are thankful to all customers and suppliers for your trust and kind cooperation always. 



All materials are developed to satisfy the customer requirement

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