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Communication with customers

We will contact customers back via Email, Telephone and/or Line accordingly based on the channel that the customer contacts us. For example, if the customer contacts us via email, we will reply back by email. The email's subject will be shown the objective of the communication.

If the customer has any questions that need the answer and require us to contact back, (s)he can choose to contact us on the webpage "CONTACT US", chat on line, email, telephone, and/or Line us, the customer will be contacted during the working hours.


Website visit

Customer may visit our website: to search for products and services without giving his/her personal information. If the customer would like to receive any news or promotional information from the company, the customer may subscribe to our newsletters and may cancel any newsletters at any time by sending an email to  to unsubscribe  from our mailing list.

The company's website use software tools i.e. Google analytics and cookies to collect consumers' browsing behavior in order to verify visitor status, to improve more effective products & services for each target group. The information that our website may collect includes:

-  Date and Time of website visit

- The landing page visit

- Access Time and duration on each page visit

- Products/Services that the customer search for

- Type of equipment the customer use to browse the website

- IP Address

- Type of browser

- Referring channels


Customer information gathering & storing policy

Customer’s information that is gathered from website: will only be used legally for the company's purpose to offer & provide better products & services for our customers.  If the company chooses to gather customer personal information and the customer is willing to share his/her personal information, these are the types of info that we will collect through the registration process.

- First and Last Name

- Address

- Email

- Mobile Phone

-  Line ID


The company is following the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The customer's personal information will be kept and secured.  If the customer sends his/her questions via email to the company,  his/her email address, and content will be kept in order to provide answers and/or check the conversation between the customer and the company's staff to follow up the progress whether the problem has been solved. 


Personal information revealing and sharing policy

The company will not send and/or sell the customer’s personal information to anybody/organization except for:

    1. The customer is willing to and ask for and given us the authority to do so.
    2. The transferring information is submitted in order to complete the transaction process that (s)he intend to do.
    3. The revelation of personal information is legally bound to the laws or the laws' regulations. If the company may be asked to reveal customers' personal information by court's order or from any other government agencies that have jurisdiction by laws. In any case, we will notify you in advance.


The company's website "" may have made an agreement with a third-party organization to develop and maintenance on all or parts of our e-commerce system. The personnel from third-party organizations who develop and/or maintenance the system must also bind to the PDPA and any other laws involved to keep customers' personal information secrecy and must follow the company's security policies.


Information protection security process

The company website will strictly maintain security standards to the highest level to prevent any losses and damages that might occur to your personal information from unauthorized sources.


Information correction process

The company has an information correction process to maintain the correct and up-to-date on the customer’s information. The company has used the programming technic to correct as follows:

    1. Email address correcting
    2. Telephone Formatting
    3. Line ID correcting

If the customer needs to correct his/her information or make it up-to-date, (s)he can do so by:

    1. Send the message to
    2. Fill in the subject and message on our "CONTACT US" webpage.

The company will edit and update the information as soon as possible.



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